Seamless Cloud

An open-source user-friendly platform to run Python code on a schedule.

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Use templates to get started faster

Writing code from scratch is hard. With Seamless Cloud, you get access to the library of code templates - each one of them solves a particular automation problem. Just copy them to your account and modify it however you like.

Forget about the infrastructure

Get the full power of a programming language without the need to spend time setting up the servers. Run the code in the cloud, set scheduled execution - all in a simple web UI. When you're ready to go deeper and more technical - use our CLI.


Code snippets

To get a grasp on what's possible to run on Seamless Cloud, please check out our blog. You can also get pieces of code in the "templates" repo.

Seamless Cloud vs Apache Airflow

You can automate routine tasks by running code on Apache Airflow. It is a highly sophisticated tool, used heavily in complex data pipelines. It is an overkill for code that automates small tasks. You need to read quite a lot of documentation before you can get started. You also need to set up a server and support it.

Seamless Cloud vs AWS Lambda

You can automate routine tasks by running code as Lambdas in AWS. It is not super hard to get started once you've read the documentation. AWS is very flexible, which comes at a price - to monitor and debug the tasks, you need to have an in-depth DevOps knowledge of other AWS services.

Seamless Cloud vs Cron Jobs

You can, if you wish, do everything from scratch. If you can write a cron job and run it on a server, you can automate anything. But, as with all solutions "from scratch" comes a lot of work. You need to set up a server and start a cron job manually. You have to keep the cron job running (which is one of the most time-consuming tasks over time since it includes setting up monitoring, log streaming, etc.)